Sandee Youth Cotton Slip-on Shinguards

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sock shins required

The Sandee Slip-on shinguard has been engineered to flex and form naturally with the motion of your shin and your instep in order to provide great protection, when kicking or defending kicks. Available in kids & teen sizes, the shinguard ensures a secure fit is maintained during intense action and enhanced mobility. The elasticated strapping detail also allows a perfect fit for every size & leg shape.

Their design versatility allows the shinguard to adapt to a wide range of combat sports: Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, MMA, & Taekwondo, with reinforced foam strategically placed, from your instep to the top of your shin.


Extra Small:  5-7 year olds / 8.5 inch shin length

Small:  8-11 year olds / 9 inch inch shin length

Medium:  12-14 year olds / 10.5 inch shin length

Large:  Teens (15 yrs +) / 11 inch shin length