Headguards are primarily used to protect fighters & athletes from soft tissue damage (e.g. bruises, cuts, etc.) during sparring in the gym. Headguards are also used in competition in amateur boxing, muay thai & kickboxing. The SANDEE headguard range is 100% handcrafted in Thailand & is constructed of soft, yet incredibly durable, premium grade genuine cow hide leather outer shell with double layer of contoured high-density latex foam inner-core system. Within the SANDEE headguard range, there are 2 types of headguard; closed face headguard & open face headguard.

The SANDEE closed headguard construction has a raised cheek coverage, additional chin support, and full ear padding for ultimate shock absorbtion and additional safety in sparring. The SANDEE open face headguard has an open face & chin design with additional head-top padding giving ultimate shock absorbtion and safety in amateur competition. Both SANDEE headguards have a full velcro back-strap & lace-up top closure system for perfect fit to the individuals face and ease of on & off.